Sunday, May 26, 2013

28mm American Civil War Union Command & Artillery

Here are pictures of the 28mm ACW Union Command & Artillery that currently complete my force.  All figures are by Sash & Saber and were painted by Philgreg Painters and myself.  I also did the basing (which I hate to do...).  Flags are from GMB Flags. These figures will make their debut on the table today in a game of Black Powder (I hope to have pictures and a brief AAR of that game posted soon).
Division General Birney
 Brigadier Burling
 Brigadier Graham
 Various Commanders
 Union 12-pound Napoleon Battery
 Union 10-pound Rifled Artillery Battery #1
 Union 10-pound Rifled Artillery Battery #2
Completing these allows me to place my ACW project to the side for a while (with the exception of using it in games that is).  Eventually I would like to add some cavalry along with some different command stands, but that's down the road.

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