Saturday, July 17, 2010

28mm American Civil War - 114th Pennsylvania

Here is the first completed unit for my 28mm American Civil War Union force. It's the 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers. The figures are a mix of 1st generation Old Glory and Sash & Saber. I purchased some of the figures (Old Glory) off of Bartertown a few years ago and sent the Sash & Saber off to Sri Lanka for painting (I hate trying to match paint jobs). I finally got around to basing the figures up and finishing them off...the flags are from GMB and they look very nice.

114th PA Color Guard
114th PA
I have plenty of other 28mm ACW to paint up. I'm going to try to work on the rest of the 1st Brigade/1st Division/III Corps from Gettysburg to start with, and then I'll likely move on to Barksdale's Mississippi Brigade. This is a long term project and I'm in no rush. I'll use the figures for either Johnny Reb III or for a set of rules that my friend Don is working on.