Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Gripping Beast

I've got some Gripping Beast figures in some of my armies like my Late Roman Cavalry, some of my Vikings, and an unpainted Andalusian army. The Vikings and Late Romans are some of their older product and are "ok"...not great, but acceptable. The Andalusians are a bit better. Anyway, after gawking at their Carthaginians both online and at Historicon last time I went and looking at their Teutonics online and their Thematic Byzantines online and in Beyond the Golden Gate I couldn't resist anymore. I bought full Carthaginian, Byzantine, and Teutonic armies from them and I couldn't be happier. I of course won't use their spears as they bend too easily, but the sculpts are wonderful. The Teutonics are great...and I got some of their "late crusader" range to mix in and they look great too. Once I get these taken care of (years?) I'd definitely consider getting more of their new sculpted ranges like the Later Crusaders, Seljuk Turks, and Medieval Russians...
You can see pictures of the Gripping Beast figures at:
And you can purchase them in the US through:

Last of the Danes

I wanted to show more of my Ulfhednar; the picture isn't the best, but it shows more of the variety in the unit. The Danes are as "done" as I'll ever be with an army...I've got more than enough troops to play a "standard" 2000 point game. If I ever start playing larger games I'll have to add more troops. I know that some in WAB think the Ulfhednar are "cheesy", but I don't use Beserkers in the army as I consider them the Beserkers. They are actually pretty easy to beat...there's nothing like getting an expensive unit shot up by 40 points of skirmishers!

Even More Danes

Since it appears that I can only upload 5 pictures per post, I'll have one more post after this to put up to finish showing off my Danish WAB army.

Two Units of Hird:
More Hird:
The Fallen:
"Tiny" and friends:

More Danes

Here are more pictures of my Danes for WAB. The figures are a mix of Foundry and Gripping Beast...
More archers:

Another Bondi unit:

The General's Unit:
The Gestir:
A Hirdman Unit:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

First Post and Danish WAB Army Pictures

This is my first post to the blog and I think I'll be starting off by posting images of stuff I all ready have, starting with my 28mm Danish Army for Warhammer Ancient Battles. This army has been done for quite a few years and uses Foundry, Gripping Beast, and a few Black Tree figures in it. They all mix together well and I like the look of the army.

One of the archer unit leaders:

A unit of archers:

A nicely done Hirdman with a daneaxe:

A unit of Bondi spearmen:

The General and Army Standard: