Saturday, March 10, 2012

March...where does the time go?

How exactly is it March already? Where does the time go? Ugh...

Ok, so I haven't posted anything yet this year until now...because I haven't completed anything like I planned to. I've picked up the brush a few times, but haven't finished anything. The only good news is that I've managed to get in quite a few games! So far this year I've played Might of Arms (huge Mongol -Russian game), Napoleon's Battles (refight of Waterloo, another huge game), Combat Commander Pacific (great boardgame), Flames of War (2nd edition tournament...still haven't played 3rd edition), and Lord of the Rings (using the new lists...finished 3rd place in a local tournament). So at least I have been gaming even if I haven't been painting anything. I hope to end that soon and get into a painting groove that I haven't been in for a few years it seems. Today I did get some painted figures...Joe is painting up a 28mm Carthaginian army for me in trade and he gave me the first of the figures and I really like them. His son, Joey has turned into quite the painter and did a great job on the shields! Figures are Gripping Beast with a couple of 1st Corps figures mixed in I believe.