Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Update - A Good Year So Far

Just taking a few minutes to give a short update on what I've been doing on the gaming front so far in 2015...

I've played a good variety of games so far with Flames of War, Pathfinder - Skulls & Shackles, Hail Caesar, By Fire and Sword, and GMT's Great Battles of the American Revolution: Saratoga all seeing table time so far this year.  I have more games of each of those lined up in the next few months, so I will not be wanting for gaming opportunities in the near future.

I've also been doing well working toward my 182.5 hour goal for this year.  So far I'm at 22 hours invested and I have a pretty decent return to show.  I've got 31 new figures painted which definitely puts me on a pace to beat last year's pathetic total; and the 141 figures I've based up so far have surpassed last year's basing total by a large margin.  I have also done a lot of reorganizing in my hobby storage which accounts for the majority of the non-prep/paint/basing time.  The 22 hours isn't too bad considering I was out of town for work for a week.  I need to try to bank some time though because I have another trip coming up in March.

The biggest accomplishment so far is getting the last two painted regiments of 28mm ACW Confederates based up; the 7th & 15th South Carolina from Kershaw's Brigade. This brings my total ACW Confederate infantry count to 280 figures!   I also rebased all of my 28mm ACW artillery onto multi-figure bases with the gun.  Originally the crew figures and guns were all individually based and that was just a pain when playing.  This definitely has me looking forward to getting in another big Black Powder game...maybe in April sometime.

7th South Carolina

 15th South Carolina
 Confederate 12-pounder's
 Extra Confederate Regimental Command Stands
 Confederate Rifled Artillery
 Union Rifled Artillery - first lot
 Union Rifled Artillery - second lot
 Union 12-pounders
Up next I'm working on prepping a large 15mm Jordanian force for Battlefront's "Fate of a Nation" Arab-Israeli game to be followed by finally starting on a 15mm Polish Skirmish Force for By Fire and Sword.  I will try to remember to give a recap/AAR of my next By Fire and Sword game.  Well, that's all for now...take it easy.