Saturday, January 14, 2017

15mm Cemetaries

Here are a couple of 15mm Cemetaries I just finished up.  They are from Monday Night Productions.  The price was good and they shipped quickly.  The only assembly required was on the arch on the ruined piece which had to be glued on.  The ruined piece will go with my rubbled 15mm city, and the intact piece will make it's debut today at Shifting Sands.  I will post a recap of Sands later this week when I have a chance.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Team Yankee - 15mm West Germans Completed

I recently completed the last of my 15mm West Germans for Team Yankee.  This included 2 more Gepards and 1 Leopard 1 that were painted to match the ones I previously posted.  It also included two platoons of infantry, so I won't have to proxy using my WWII models any longer.  These are Battlefront figures and painted up nicely.  Here they are with the company commander:
 I also painted up 6 stands of Fliegerfausts.  These are a nice, cheap anti-air addition for the force:
Next up are 4 Tornado strike aircraft.  These are actually 1/144 scale models from Dragon that came 2 in a box that is marketed as "Tornado ECR Lechfeld Tigers".  These come with all of the kit to do an electronic combat/recon version of the Tornado, but luckily for me they also come with the ground-attack munitions dispensers.  I simply built them to be gaming pieces, and left off all of the buzzers & whistles...the wings are glued in place for example, and I simply painted the glass for the cockpit instead of modeling with the pilot.  I purchased Litko flight stands and with those, these 4 aircraft cost me about 40% of what it would have cost me to get 4 of the Battlefront ones.
 Next up is one of my objectives.  This is a Battlefront M577 from the Viet Nam range that I painted as West German and put a West German crewman and a couple of infantry figures with.  The West Germans did use these as command vehicles.
And my second objective is a crashed Huey, also from the Battlefront Viet Nam range.  Painted up nicely IMO.
My West German force makes it's prime time debut next weekend at "Shifting Sands 2017".  It looks like there will be 20 to 24 players split between NATO and Warsaw Pact.  I will try to remember to take, and post pictures of the event...