Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 - The Road Ahead & 182.5 Hours

Every year at this time I look back at what I had hoped to accomplish, and what I actually did accomplish.  Invariably I am disappointed at what I actually get done.  It seems that when I have the motivation to paint and work on gaming stuff, I don't have the time - and when I have the time, I don't have the motivation.  Also, it's probable that I set unrealistic goals as I want everything done "yesterday".  So this year I am going to take a bit of a different approach for my goals for 2015.

As you can see by the sidebar, I certainly have made time for plenty of games in the past 2 years with 53 in 2013 and 72 in 2014.  Granted, the number of board games I'm playing has grown which bumps this number, but they are still games played and time committed to the hobby so I count them.  My goal for 2015 is to play an average of 1 game per week, so 52 games.  I think that can be accomplished and is a reasonable goal.  I'm pretty sure I'll get in games of the following:  Flames of War, Might of Arms, Hail Caesar, By Fire and Sword, CAV, SAGA, Bolt Action, Pathfinder: Skulls & Shackles, Fistful of Tows 3 and various board games.

Now on to the more difficult part.  In the past I've put up a laundry list of what armies I'd be painting up and basing and what game I'd use them in.  Needless to say I have a ton of projects...some started, some bare lead, some just ideas in my head...and I never finish a fraction of what I hope too.  For 2015, I've decided that instead of listing and being disappointed, instead I'm going to set a time goal for myself.  I'm setting a goal of 182.5 hours throughout the year to work on gaming hobby "stuff" (this does not include actual playing time).  This could be painting, working on this blog, building terrain, etc.  I'm simply going to track my hours and when I finish stuff I'll post it on the blog.  I don't know if the 30 minutes a day average is too high or too low, but I have to set my baseline somewhere to see if this works or not and whether I can get more accomplished than in years past or not.  So I've included a new sidebar to track the time I'm spending.  So far I have 2.5 hours spent...that includes 2 Blog posts and a couple of hours reorganizing my book shelves, supplies and storage (still more to do on that so I can find things easier) - it's amazing what you find when you go through stuff!

So that's my plan for 2015.  Will it work and will I have a better sense of accomplishment at this point in 2016?  Who knows...but it's worth trying!  Happy New Year to you all!