Monday, May 20, 2013

28mm American Civil War - Confederate Command & Artillery

Here are some pictures of the American Civil War Confederate Command and Artillery that I completed last year at the same time I finished the infantry.  I didn't take pictures at the time, but in anticipation of a game a few of us have planned for the 26th, I broke them out to finish documenting the army as it stands.  I recently acquired a box of Perry Confederates that I'll be making the last two South Carolina regiment's from Kershaw's Brigade out of.  After that I will likely just add new command stands and some cavalry (both mounted and dismounted) down the road sometime as I'll have close to 300 infantry!  All of the figures are 28mm Sash & Saber and were painted by Philgreg Painters (I did the horses, cannons and basing).  Flags are the great GMB Flags.  A few of the photos are a bit off; I'll try to remember to redo them next time I'm taking pictures. 
Confederate General Barksdale
 Confederate General Kershaw
 Confederate General McLaws
 Various Confederate Commanders
 Confederate 12-pound Napoleon Battery
 Confederate Mixed Artillery Battery (12 pounder & 10 pound Rifle)
 Confederate 3" Artillery Battery
Up next will be some Union troops.


Vulcanologist said...

Superb. I really like your painting style and the way you've based these!

Tom O said...