Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Excuses, babbling, and Late Romans...

Well, if I want to average one topic posting a week for 2009 I better get to it. I've been busy painting and had a slight distraction with the Superbowl (and all of the cooking for the mandatory party of course...pulled pork, brats and wings!) and eventhough I'm a Falcons fan I was rooting for the hometown was a great game! To top it off I'm also getting into a good painting groove working on finishing up my Rohan for the Gathering in the Desert which gives me 17 days to finish the army up!
That said, I haven't had a chance to take any good pictures of stuff, so here's an army that I've had done for a number of years, my Late Romans for WAB.

Roman Cavalry and Infantry Command Figures: Gripping Beast
Hun Cavalry and Infantry Archer Figures: Old Glory
Roman Spearmen: Wargames Foundry
Shield/Standard Decals: Dark Age Design
Painting: Tom O.
Basing: John G.

I put this army together after getting a good deal on some Foundry Late Roman Spearmen. Though not the best supplement for WAB IMO, I used the Fall of the West army list to create this army. The mixture of figures from Foundry, Gripping Beast and Old Glory fit together nicely, even within units. And kudos to Darren at Gripping Beast in the UK who allowed me to mix and match packs in the Late Roman Cavalry package to get the mixture I wanted…great company to do business with and I highly recommend them.
I also have to give high praise to Dark Age Design for their shield decals. They look great...too bad they are no longer available... And lastly, thanks to John G. for doing the basing...I hate to base figures as I find it tedious so I bribed John to do it for me as he does a great job.
The army consists of: 10 skirmishing infantry, 2 units of 24 infantry (18 spear, 6 bow), 2 units of 16 infantry (I usually upgrade these to light armor, drilled, and heavy throwing spears as the Veterans are too expensive IMO), 2 units of 12 archers, 10 Hunnic light cavalry, 10 Roman horse archers, 10 Roman light cavalry, 10 Roman heavy cavalry, 12 Roman Cataphracts, a General, and an Army Standard Bearer.
Late Roman Heavy Cavalry

Late Roman Cataphracts

Hun Light Cavalry

Roman Light Cavalry screening the Heavies

Roman Horse Archers screening the Cataphracts

Next post will be the Infantry...

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