Sunday, May 4, 2008

WAB Mitanni Infantry

Here are some pictures of the start of my 28mm WAB Mitanni Army. The infantry are mostly from Foundry with some Newline Designs mixed in. I've had these guys for quite some time, but only recently based them up. I sent them to Fernando Enterprises in Sri Lanka to get painted and I think they did a good job. All of the infantry are done, but I have 17! chariots I have to paint up myself. I'll get cracking on those soon hopefully. The army will be mostly Mitanni with a Hittite allied contingent.

Archer Unit 1

Archer Unit 2

Archer Close-up

Hittite Spearmen
Mitanni Spearmen

I took these pictures in the portable photobox my wife got me for Xmas. I like it for taking pictures in...I seem to have less issues with focus than I did in the past; now my main issue is the lighting which I'm still working on as you can tell by the pictures. Maybe I'll get it, maybe I won't, but either way I don't think the pictures are awful.

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DeanM said...

These are fantastic! Great painting on nice models. Best, Dean