Sunday, March 31, 2019

Warhammer Underworlds - Godsworn (Oathsworn) Hunt

I continue to enjoy playing Warhammer Underworlds (aka Shadespire or Nightvault).  It is a fun game where the character abilities, cards, and board lay-out all have an impact on the flow of the game.  I showed off the Ork warband last time I posted; I just finished up the "Godsworn Hunt" warband pictured below.  I am going to call them "Oathsworn Hunt" though...they have special "oath" objectives and all have "oath" stones...I just like that better.  Anyway, these figures are great, with a lot of character.
Left to Right - Shond, Theddra, Grundann 

Left to Right - Jagathra, Grawl, Ollo

I went 1-1-1 in my first 3 games with them vs. Nighthaunt. These were my first games using gambit spells and this band.  Not bad.  They definitely play different than the Orks I used previously.

Of note, the bowstring for Ollo's bow is melted sprue.  This is the first time I did that, and it went quite well IMO.  Also, this is the first time I used Krylon Flat Crystal Clear sealer on them...went on great IMO, and leaves a finish similar to Testor's Dulcote for a much more affordable price.  


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