Sunday, July 22, 2018

2018 - Hobby Reset (Continued...)

It's almost the end of July already...where has the time gone?  Well, no pictures to share at this time, but I did want to get an update out on what the year has brought and where I am heading.  I have played a ton of games, so that's good.  My painting has been slacking though...we did a bit of a remodel and switched some rooms up at the house, and I got out of the habit a few months ago and am just getting back into it.

I have decided to just stick with my Grey Knights for 40k along with some various Imperial Guard units that I can run as allies.  It's just easier to stick with one army I have found.

I have also decided to dive into Necromunda...great game.  I am gathering Orlocks and Cultists for now, and will do Cawdor once they are released.  I almost dove into Kill Team as well, but think I will stick with Necromunda for now.

I have also recently taken the plunge into Age of Sigmar, and just played my first games today using a newly acquired Fyreslayer army.  I had fun (helps to win)...and will be working over the next several weeks to do the detail work on the army (it was base painted), paint a bunch of characters, and do the basing.  It's a huge army and will give me plenty of options.  I may do a second army for this game too...let's see...

I still play historicals, but my main game in that regard for the past several years, Flames of War is on the shelf for now.  I am going to play some Bolt Action, SAGA, Battlegroup and some other ancients when I get the chance...I am not getting out of historicals.

I am also trying to resist Adeptus Titanicus...and who knows what will happen if Epic or Warmaster or Mordheim are released again...I missed all of those games the first time GW had them and they have done a great job with the things they have recently will be hard to resist.

That's if for now...happy gaming everyone!

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