Friday, January 1, 2016

Looking Back/Looking Ahead - 2015/2016 Edition

Every year at this time I look back on my hobby goals for the year and look ahead to what the new year will bring.  I find doing so gives me a chance to focus on a few things, something which usually fades as I bounce around from project to project...such is life :-)

For 2015 I wanted to play at least one game a week; with 77 total and a record of 43-28-6 I managed that.  A great number of games were Pathfinder - Skulls & Shackles, a fun game.  We are almost done with that adventure path and will be taking a break from that system for a while, so I will find other things to fill the gap in 2016 and hope to meet the 1 game a week goal again.

I had a good year painting with 374 pieces completed, mostly due to the recently finished Flames of War army I completed.  I have plenty of projects to work on including: 2 28mm SAGA armies, 2 28mm Crescent & Cross armies, 28mm WW2 Poles and Japanese SNLF, 15mm Flames of War early war Soviet armor, 15mm American Revolution, 15mm WWI, 15mm Eastern Renaissance, and 10mm ancients.  I recently followed my own advice to "do what you want to do" in regards to gaming.  For a long time I have wanted to do 10mm ancients/medievals and I finally took the plunge.  I divested myself of all of my 15mm ancients & medievals (except for SAGA) and will start on my 10mm project.  I really look forward to having a large number of models on a single base representing an entire unit.  I will also be contracting out some painting like I always do so that will hopefully speed a few things up for me.

I set a goal of working on my hobby stuff for 182.5 hours in 2015.  I fell short of that, but I don't consider it a failure as I had never tracked my time before.  My goal for 2016 is simply to just commit more time (no gaming time which wasn't included) than in 2015; a goal that I should be able to accomplish.

As I start 2016 I am prepping some 15mm WWI figures and also have some 10mm troops prepped to serve as a test case to help me figure out my basing.  I have lots to do and hope to knock a few things off of my "to do" list in the year ahead.  Stay tuned for my irregular updates!


Mike Wilster said...

When you need someone to help push around the 10mm stuff let me know. I am interested in this scale and have a few armies that need paint.

Robert Brightwell said...

Good luck with the plans for the new year!

Tom O said...

Will do Mike. Good luck to both of you as well!