Sunday, December 30, 2012

15mm Sassanid Persian Army

Recently my friend John offered his very nice 15mm Sassanid Persian Army up for sale for a great price.  I've always wanted a Sassanid army and at one point in time I had an unpainted army in both 10mm and 28mm.  Anyway, I couldn't pass up such a nice army at such a great price, so I'm now the proud owner of an army I've always wanted to have.  I will use it for Might of Arms mainly, though I've had some discussions about giving Hail Caesar a try in 15mm, so we'll see.  The army is all Old Glory 15's with the exception of the skirmishers which are Essex.
Skirmishing Slingers
 Skirmishing Archers
 Light Cavalry #1
 Light Cavalry #2
 Heavy Infantry Spearmen & Archers
 Clibinari #1
 Clibinari #2
 Medium Archers