Saturday, August 4, 2012

28mm Mitanni Chariots - Army Complete!

Well after literally YEARS I've finally finished my 28mm Mitanni army!  When I started this army I was playing WAB extensively and my goal was to use this army for that game.  But with the ultimate demise of Warhammer Historicals at the hands of Forgeworld/GW and the hose job they gave to people that put in a ton of time on products that will never see the light of day, I'm done playing WAB and have moved on to Clash of Empires.  It will be for a game of Clash of Empires that this army will see the table for as I've got a game lined up next week.  If I remember, I'll take my camera and get some pictures of the game.

The chariots for this army are a collection of different manufacturers.  All but two of the chariots are from Old Glory with the other two being from Newline.  The crew area mixture of Foundry, Newline and Old Glory.  I think they all fit together just fine.  The base painting on the chariots and horses was done by Tim K. at Saguaro Painting Service and the crew were painted long ago by Fernando Enterprises; I added extra detail to the chariots & horses and did touch ups on the crew as well as the basing.   

It feels good to get another project checked off of my list.  Next up is a bunch of basing projects along with some painting for a friend...updates to follow on both of those as I make progress.


Drunken Samurai said...

Congrats on the completed project. Does CoE have a list for this army yet?

Jerry said...

Good work on finally completing a long project. These look great.

Tom O said...

Thanks guys.

Yes, the list for this army is up on the Great Escape Games site. I'm not sure when their "chariot" period book will be out; next up for them is the Crusades which will give me an extra push to finish up my long dormant Andalusian army so I can use it as a proxy for some other armies.

Drew said...

Feels so good to finish a project. I just finished 40 Kobolds for a fantasy miniature diorama I am doing and glad to be done! These models look amazing. Well done!

Tom O said...

Thank you Drew. They fought to a bloody draw in their first game on the table yesterday. Much better result than I thought would happen since I never used the army before.