Sunday, May 20, 2012

"The Black Brigade" - Better Pictures

So I ran the "Black Brigade" at a local FOW tournament yesterday for the first time.  It was a learning experiance as most of the armies there were tank-heavy and I think, though being "mechanized", I had the largest infantry contingent present.  I had 3 tough, yet enjoyable games against good opponents. The results were a 3-3 tie, a 1-6 loss and a 4-3 loss.  I learned a few things about this force in FOW:  the 75mm artillery is better in direct fire, and don't forget the "bypassed" rule prior to deployment!  I look forward to playing the army again.

I really didn't like the way the pictures I rushed taking a few days ago came out, so today I broke out my photobox, my extra lights, the tripod and took some time on getting the settings right on the camera and took pictures of most of the infantry again, and most of the vehicles for the first time. The results are much better IMO. I still need to work on getting the lighting set up better, but I think these are fine for what it's worth.

Polish 10th Motor Cavalry Company 1

 Polish 10th Motor Cavalry Company 2
 "Highland" Company
 Heavy Machine-Gun Company
 Anti-Tank Gun Platoon
 Artillery Battery
 True North Fiat 508's
 True North TKS Tankettes, aka "Chiclets"
 Vickers Tank Unit 1
 Vickers Tank Unit 2
Building this nice, themed army around a specific unit for FOW has me thinking that this is something that I will try to do going forward for new forces I build for the game.  There certainly are a lot of specific, unique forces out there to chose from.

The next thing you will likely see up here is some more 28mm Republican Romans...stay tuned...


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