Sunday, November 6, 2011

15mm Old Glory Mongols

Here are the 15mm Mongols that were painted by Tim K at Saguaro Painting Service ( Like the Medieval Russians in my previous post, Tim did a good job on these and I simply did touch-ups, some highlighting to my liking, and the basing (boy, am I glad the basing is over with...the trouble is I have a ton more to do!). The Mongols will be the heart of this army and the Russians will just compliment it as an allied contingent from time to time.

Mongol Heavy Cavalry & Generals

Mongol Light Cavalry

Allied Light Cavalry (Cuman figures)

All of these figures are Old Glory 15mm based on Litko bases. The allied Light Cavalry are Cumans and are suitable for a wide variety of armies. There are 24 stands of Mongol Heavy Cavalry, 30 stands of Mongol Light Cavalry, 12 stands of allied Light Cavalry and 3 Mongol General stands.


Jerry said...

Tom, Both armies look great! What is the game system that you use these for? I've recently developed an interest in 15mm scale.

Tom O said...

They are based for "Might of Arms" which is a solid game. As units fight they get hits and "fatigue" which impacts their morale rolls. It has lots of nice things like delayed shooting if you had nothing in range and your enemy moves in during his movement; morale checks to charge (it isn't automatic); skirmishers being frustrating, but not overpowering, etc. Also, the army lists are in the book! It works as a one on one game and can be used for larger, multi-player games too if you want. I can show you my copy if you are interested.


Jerry said...

Sounds interesting, Tom. Maybe I'll have to check it out someday.

Tom O said...

Sure, just let me know.