Sunday, August 28, 2016

15mm World War 2 Soviet Armor

I have finally completed a large lot of 15mm Battlefront Soviet armor for the Early War period.  I purchased these a few years ago and finally got them completed.  It feels good to get them done and not have any more WW2 Soviets to paint up.  These will be used for Flames of War. I used "Yankee Green" from Battlefront as the base coat and then after detailing I did a wash with Army Painter Dark Tone and Minwax which did a good job of darkening the overall look.  Finally, after putting on a few decals, I dry-brushed them with a light cinnamon brown to give them a dirty/in the field look.  I think they came out pretty nicely. 
Here is the Battalion Commander in a T26 1939:
 Here are 6 Kh-130 flame tanks.  These are an option from the T26 1933 box.
 Next up are 5 early period KV1s.
 And here are 4 T28s; these are probably my favorite early period Soviet tank.
 One company of 7 T26 1939's.
 A company of 9 T26 1933's.
 And the last company with 8 T26 1939's.

After finishing that project I find myself actually in the mood to paint more tanks.  I was on the fence when "Team Yankee" came out; I wasn't sure if I wanted to start yet another period mostly since I already do WW1, WW2 and Arab-Israeli using the Flames of War system.  When the West German models were previewed, my resistance crumbled.  Here is my next painting project.  I plan on using this in Shifting Sands 2017 in January, so I better get moving...

Oh, and if assembly and painting of the West Germans goes well over the next month or so, I hope to complete this box of Mantic Ogres for Kings of War by the end of the year...wish me luck!