Monday, April 26, 2010

Warhammer 40k Stormtrooper Conversions

OK, so as anyone can tell you (especially Robert from the Drunken Samurai Paiting Blog and Tim from Cursed Treasures) I am not much of a modeler, nor have I done a lot of conversions. I have a rather large Warhammer 40k Daemonhunter Army that I've been wanting to add some Stormtroopers too for quite some time, but I don't like the standard GW ones. I saw some various posts up on the 'net somewhere that inspired me to do the following conversions. I used plastic Cadians to which I added WHFB Knights of the White Wolf capes along with heads from the West Wind Secrets of the 3rd Reich range; the heads are French Adrian helmets with gasmasks and they look ok on the models. I also converted a couple of flamers into meltaguns as you can see below. I'm hoping these guys look better once they are I just have to decide on a paint scheme!

Fences Finished

The Old Glory 28mm Russian Farmsteads I painted up for Gathering in the Desert came with some fences that I didn't finish in time. These are rather tall fences and will be of use for various era's. I'm thinking of coming up with a "firing step" to add along the inner side of the fence so 28mm figures can see over the top to shoot. As you can see by the test paint of the Warhammer Fantasy Tomb King archer below, the fences are a bit tall. And yes, Tomb Kings are my next major project.

More 2010 Gathering in the Desert pictures

Here are a few other pictures from this years Gathering In The Desert. There were some really nicely painted armies there.

GITD Pictures

Well, it's actually been a couple of months since the 2010 Gathering in the Desert for Lord of the Rings SBG and I'm finally getting around to posting a couple of photos I took. I took some notes, but can't find them so instead I'll just make a couple of observations that have stuck with me:
  • Tim and his wife Shannon did a great job in putting the event on. They were organized and everything went off without a hitch.
  • The players were top-notch; at least all of my opponents were. There were no "push-overs", that's for sure.
  • The tables looked great...thanks to everyone who contributed to the tables.
  • Armies and army composition are tough. Defense 6 and a tough character or two rule the day in the game now it appears. My forces for the past 2 years (Rohan and Uruk Raiders) have suffered greatly IMO at the hands of the dreaded "creap" as subsequent armies or armies with actual supplements have gotten better. Nothing like having a lower Defense, lower or the same Fight, Lower or the same Strength than your opponent AND being outnumbered!
  • Also, I know composition is tough, but some allied contingents always make me scratch my head...and I'll leave it at that.
  • Playing to the scenario is discouraging when your opponent would rather just focus on breaking your army and then can mop up and get extra points.
  • I'm not sure which army or if I'll play next year. I have always used a different/new army at GITD and I have unpainted Easterlings, Dwarves and Orcs that I could get ready for next year, but I need to take a step back and see if I want to play.

Well enough of are some pictures.